Effortswill Academy

The curriculum is outstanding. This is because a very rich and stimulating curriculum is offered to every year group.Our students benefit from School’s focus on high quality teaching and learning techniques. Our staff have regular training on improving aspects of their teaching and learning and we strive to offer a stimulating curriculum to our students Standards are very high throughout the school. You can also explore each curriculum area where you can find further information about the curriculum at the Principal’s Office.


 Effortswill we hail thee                                                   Effortswill we hail thee

School of hope eternal                                                     School of Standard Education

Our strength and will                                                 Our teachers stand and rank among the best

And character you build                                            Known for excellence and dedication

Citadel of knowledge and wisdom                                We pray you will forever be blessed

Understanding and light to us you give                         With strong will and steady effort

To make us future leaders indeed                                   By the grace of God on our side

Teaching us the way                                                       Our dreams and hopes will come true.

We should go ——oh

As to be the best

We can



We, will follow the way you show

To stand, before kings and not mean men

Lifting your banner wherever we go

Your effort on us shall not be in vain

We will uphold your glory and honour.


Secondary School Academic Curriculum

Our students are exposed to various subjects at Junior and Senior Secondary Schools covering Science, Arts, Commercial, and Vocational.

Subjects offered at Junior Secondary School include:

  •   English Language
  •   Mathematics
  •   Literature-in-English
  •   Social Studies
  •   Basic Technology
  •   Agricultural Science
  •   Computer Study/ICT
  •   Basic Science
  •   Home Economics
  •   Music
  •   Cultural and Creative Art (C.C.A.)
  •   Christian Religious Studies (C.R.S.)
  •   Business Studies
  •   French Language
  •   Physical and Health Education (P.H.E.)
  •   Yoruba
  •   Igbo Language

 Students are exposed to the underlisted subjects at the Senior Secondary School Classes:

  •   English Language
  •   Mathematics
  •   Further Mathematics
  •   Physics
  •   Chemistry
  •   Principles of Accounts
  •   Commerce
  •   Government
  •   Geography
  •   Economics
  •   Biology
  •  Agricultural Science
  •  Christian Religious Studies (C.R.S.)
  •  Literature-in-English
  • Foods and Nutrition
  •  Visual Arts
  •  Technical Drawing
  •  Yoruba
  •  French
  •  Igbo Language
  •  Data Processing
  •  Book Keeping
  •  Insurance
  •  Computer Study/ICT

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