Creche, Nursery & Primary School

Our students benefit from School’s focus on high quality teaching and learning techniques. Our staff have regular training on improving aspects of their teaching and learning and we strive to offer a stimulating curriculum to our students Standards are very high throughout the school…The curriculum is outstanding. This is because a very rich and stimulating curriculum is offered to every year group. You can also explore each curriculum area where you can find further information about the curriculum at the Principal’s Office.

PRIMARY SCHOOL; Primary School Academic Curriculum


The classes in the nursery section are:

Playgroup class 2 – 3 years
Preparatory class 3 – 4 years
Nursery I class 4 – 5 years
Nursery II class 5 – 6 years

The Curriculum for the nursery section include:

  •   Reading Readiness.
  •   Number Readiness.
  •   Elementary Science
  •   Writing.
  •   Drawing and Painting.
  •   Rhymes.
  •   Social Studies.
  •   Story telling.
  •   Physical Exercises.
  •   Bible Knowledge.
  •   Moral Instruction.
  •   Computer.


The classes in the primary section are Basic 1 – 6.
The subjects taught in the section are:

  •  English Language (Comprehension, Grammar, Literature in English, Composition and Phonetics)
  •   Mathematics
  •   Social Studies
  •   Elementary Science
  •  Vocational Aptitude
  •  Health Education
  •  Bible Knowledge
  •  Yoruba Language
  •  The French Language
  •  Creative Arts
  •  Quantitative Reasoning
  •  Verbal Reasoning
  •  Computer
  •  Agric Science
  •  Music
  •  Handwriting
  •  Moral Instruction
  •  Home Economics



With effort and will,
You can move mountain
Purposefulness, Dedication.
If you try harder,
You could be the best
You’ll stand before kings
And not mean men

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