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Boarding House

We are operating an Ultra modern Boarding facility for boys and girls. You can register for this facility today.  OPERATING RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE BOARDING HOUSE  (A)     PARENTS: 1.        All boarding students should be returned to the dormitory on the day and time stipulated for resumption with all fees...
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Principal speech

I am overwhelmed with joy as we turn out the 9th graduating set of Effortswill Academy, Ejigbo and launch the college yearbook today 28th  July, 2011. I also feel highly elated to the wind of change blowing  across Effortswill schools in the last couple of years to which our parents...
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Extra Curricular Activities

OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM We firmly believe that education is about far more than what goes on in the classroom and this is reflected in the wide range of trips, visits and other activities that are on offer. Students are expected to belong to not more than two clubs of their...
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First Term Examinations

The first term examinations for the secondary session will hold between the 30TH NOV. – 7TH DEC. 2011...
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From the Head of School

A word for students. I am delighted that you are moving to a higher level in your academic pursuit. You have been adequately prepared to wield through any challenge in your career. Your future achievement will depend on the extent   you are willing to exercise your abilities. Our nation offer...
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