Principal speech

I am overwhelmed with joy as we turn out the 9th graduating set of Effortswill Academy, Ejigbo and launch the college yearbook today 28th  July, 2011. I also feel highly elated to the wind of change blowing  across Effortswill schools in the last couple of years to which our parents can also attest.

The journey of a thousand mile begin with a step. It gladdens my heart to see that from a humble beginning of a student population of 12 in 1997, the college has made remarkable progress not only in numerical strength but also in quality of instruction, physical structures and facilities, the latest being the introduction of  boarding house, provision of internet facility, face lift for our computer lab, library,  reception, admin office and other special rooms while procurement of additional sporting equipment is not left out. The newly introduced corporate guards have also made a lot of difference in the security of life and property in the compound.

The completion of secondary school education is another milestone in the academic pursuit of the outgoing S.S.3 students. Let me therefore heartily congratulate the graduands who have toiled day and night to have come this far. They have every good reason to feel a sense of pride on this accomplishment though this is just a stepping stone to the pursuit of a career of their choice in the university, where they will be expected to be more focused, dedicated and purposeful. Remember that the motto of your alma matter says much about life. “With Effort and will, you can move Mountain” Let this be your guiding principle.

This I the stage you need to know who you are and discover yourself . Remember most great men discovered themselves at a very tender age as every great achievement starts with a dream. Bill Clinton in his youthful days had a dream of becoming the president of the United States of America and with hard work, determination, perseverance, he lived  his dream.

However, s you go on in life, do not lean on your own understanding alone, also trust in the Lord and you will accomplish your goal. The race of life is a hectic one, many run on their legs without achieving anything  but the wise run on their knees, it is my prayer that every request you make on your knees will be granted in Jesus name.

Let me equally use this medium to facilitate with parent and guardians of the graduating students as they have started reaping a bountiful harvest, having invested heavily on these children for a six years qualitative secondary school education. This is just the beginning as it is not over until is over. I pray that your joy will know no bounds in Jesus name.

Effortswill over the years has become a household name within Ejigbo and its environs and we give kudos to you all for your patronage. We are doggedly committed to high quality service delivery and  customer satisfaction and this we have sustained for over 14 years in the educational industry.

I’ll also like to express my sincere appreciation to the committee saddled with the responsibility of the production of the maiden edition of Effortswill Academy yearbook while the Effort of this year valedictory service committee and all other members of staff is equally commendable.

On occasion like this, it is important to encourage other students still under our tutelage and looking forward to a day like this to make hard work and diligence their  watchword. For those of you that have come top in just concluded promotion exam, accept my congratulation as you receive prizes and awards for your performance and we implore you to keep it up. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, once again I welcome you all and wish you a happy stay.



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